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Lower & Upper Back Heat Therapy Gel Pad

Lower Back Pain Relief Therapy Heat Gel pad and matching Elastic Belt Pouch (magical instant 130F heat, portable, reusable).
Lower Back Therapy Heating Gel pad and matching elastic belt Pouch for immediate pain relief.

Can be used as a hot pad to treat chronic back pain or use cold for sports injuries or inflammation in the area. The elastic belt supports the area and keeps the pad hot for a longer time.

Our pads contain a Non-toxic salt based solution called Sodium Acetate in a sealed plastic bag. When the metal disc is flexed it kick starts a chain reaction of rapid crystallisation of the salt which create a high temperature in seconds this is what we call an “exothermic reaction”.

To activate: gently flex the metal disc that floats in the salt solution, you should see the salt crystals forming quickly and the pad changes colour and heats up. Gently massage the pad to break the salt crystals into to a softer texture and use the pad. The pad will stay warm up to 2hr and then will become solid and cold.

Reusable – A simple process of boiling in water is needed to bring our pads ready to be used. This is how.